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Abrasives are used in the process of grinding, polishing or cleaning a  workpiece to give a smooth surface. The flap discs, flap wheels, grinding discs and polishing/thread chasing are four categories into which these abrasives can be grouped. Our products  include a wide range of quality abrasives like cutting wheels,[…]

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Power Tools

We are known for our reliable products serving the industry since 2008. We have supplied materials to most of the Hyundai ventures and other industries in Chennai.  Aswathins provides most reliable power tools for metal, interior constructions and automotive applications. Oil free compressor, Bosch IIE breaker, Hitachi Cir Saw, Hitachi[…]

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Welding Machines

Our welding  and cutting machines  are durable and specifically designed for heavy duty work. Our arc welding machines of great standards, compact, lightweight and very efficient and model range starts from 200 Ampere to 600 Ampere. MIG welding machine starts from 250 Ampere and also has a model of 600[…]

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Safety of employer is given importance in every sector, even more if it is a construction site or other industrial works. We offer a great variety of safety equipment to choose from, making your workplace safer.   We have hard hats in different styles and sizes to suit every workers[…]

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  • Aswath Industrial Needs has been providing wonderful service to Chennai companies since 2007. You can rely on him for best pricing, flexibility and fast turn-around.

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